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John and Josh had a great time at the indoor kiddie pool today! It was very interesting to listen in on their conversations…

John: “I need to rescue you!”

Josh: immediately playing along “Help…get me the safety ball!”

John: with a look of determination “I’ll get the safety ball!”

They role-played like this over and over. Sarah tried to interrupt by “chasing” Josh. A few times she caught him –and gave him a big hug and kiss!

Flirty Sarah

More fun in the head…

The boy is always fiddling with something (inherited from his father, who likes to take things apart). I knew John was washing his hands after using the head. But when the ABC song stopped (the proper time to disinfect hands), and the water kept running, I had to investigate…

He hooked up his marble toy to the faucet so that it created a water-wheel. He was just mesmerized!

Pretty girl

Yes, that is Sarah sitting on the head. Her latest preoccupation is “pee pee”, which is what she says as she is pointing and walking towards the pot. I used to think it was cool that she was so interested in potty training. That ended yesterday, when she wanted to sit down every 5 minutes (no exaggeration).

Airplane in my mouth!

Am I ever going to get a shot of John’s face again?

John is showing off his paper airplane. I think Bruce and I made about 6 today! John likes to see how each design determines its performance.

John also had Awanas today and earned his 4th red jewel for reciting John1:1-4. He is so motivated with earning prizes!

At least I got the kitchen clean…

I was so excited that both John and Sarah were eager to do some drawing after dinner so that I could clean up the kitchen! So…I am scrubbing the crock pot (from yesterday…) with gusto while my little monkeys are in the dining room. About 3 pots later (It has been a while…), I returned from my cleaning high to realize that the kids were giggling. And….I grabbed the camera to catch Sarah in the act! Thank God they were washable markers!

Like Babe

Today was a most glorious day!  Upper 70s!!  We met some friends at the park and had a great time.  John was just bubbling with joy.  At one point he stopped running around, looked up to the sky, and made the strangest singing like noise I’ve ever heard!  It really reminded me of the scene in Babe when the happy little pig sings “La, La, La..” right before Christmas dinner….